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The only Meal Prep Software
You will ever need!

Sprwt is a software platform developed exclusively for the meal prep delivery business that expedites your workflow with automated tasks. We worked with chefs, delivery drivers, and marketing teams to build the perfect suite of solutions to facilitate and assist you with your business operations.

Sprwt Root System


Route Planing System

Tired of spending hours trying to map messy delivery routes yourself? Start saving 80% of your time by switching to Sprwt Root Planner. With this smart technology, you can plan your delivery days instantly and optimize your route and operations based on how many drivers you have.

Sprwt POS System
Import your Stops

You can add your stops in three ways: import a spreadsheet, save Customer Profiles, or add them manually.

Sprwt POS System
Live tracking

Track your drivers’ progress and keep track of their ETAs in real-time. Don’t keep your customers waiting - give them more accurate ETAs!

Sprwt POS System
Adjust your Routes

You can easily customize your routes. Move and re-assign stops, and delete or add last-minute orders.

Sprwt POS System
Api Integration

Import your orders directly into our platform with our API integration. Our routing experts are happy to help you get set up.

Meal Prep, now simplified

Our simplified checkout process makes it easy for customers to order their meals. Subscribe to weekly meal plans or order A la Carte. Once processed, you get fully-detailed reports automatically in real-time. With Sprwt, the limit is your imagination.

Sprwt POS System
Automated Cooking Reports

With Sprwt your cooking reports are automatically processed once your customers complete an order.

Sprwt POS System
Meal Recipe Builder

Whether you need custom labels for your meal containers or labels to track your delivery bag, Sprwt can automatically produce them for you.

Sprwt POS System
Generate Labels

Generate labels for you meals so customers can see what they are eating. We also product bag labels so you can easily pack the correct meals in your customers delivery bags.

Sprwt POS System
Custom Solution for Meal Prep

Throw away those half-working plugins. Sprwt meal prep e-commerce solution is built exclusively for meal prep delivery and restaurants.

Sprwt POS System

Manage User Subscriptions

View and manage all your customer subscriptions and meal plans. View and manage what they ordered, change their delivery information and even put their plan on pause. You control everything from selecting meals to changing what they like to eat. Or do nothing and let our system randomly select meals for your customers with our algorithms that learn what your customers want.

User Allergens & Dislikes

Use Users restrictions to view and select meals that meet the preferences your customers have. No more giving Sarah the wrong meal or refunding an order to Tom because he doesn't like Tomatoes. Our system will take care of that for you so you don't have to!

Macro Nutrition Calculator

Some of your customers want to know exactly what they are eating. With Sprwt, we take care of that for you. Simply create your recipes. Once a customer adds a meal to her cart, they will be able to track everything they are eating from proteins to carbs to zinc.

Real Time Reports

Still using excel? With Sprwt, our system automatically creates the reports you need in real time. Our reports tell you everything from what you need to buy to what you need to cook with trim calculations. Fulfillment reports tell you what you need to deliver, who is picking up what and where, and even create labels for you.

Cashback Incentive

Integrated with a digital wallet, Sprwt can give your clients a % of their purchases back to them. Start improving your customer relationships and give them a little extra for being a loyal customer.

Powerful Menus

Create your menus with unlimited categories, giving your customers the control to filter and select their preferred meals. Manually creating menu's every week. STOP! With Sprwt you can clone menus and have them automatically rotating for the days you need.

Referral System

If your client refers a friend, both can collect some deserved money after the first purchase right in their digital wallet. The old saying you scratch my back I scratch yours is never wrong. Start rewarding your customers for spreading your name.

Delivery & Pickup Management

Our fulfillment reports tell you what meals you need to deliver, who to deliver to, and where it goes. From one pickup location to someone's doorstep everything is calculated. With our bag tracking system, you can track every delivery. You define the limits of where you deliver to, how much a delivery costs, tax rates, and more.

Gift Cards

Digital or to be printed out, your clients can easily buy and send someone a gift card that in turn can be used as online credit with the digital wallet.

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What Our clients
say about us!

Ideal Meals

We’re very, very pleased with the integration - not only how quickly it took everything to get set up, but also that it’s an affordable service for a startup company who maybe can’t hire an inhouse web developer and marketer for 10 grand a month- having Sprwt do that job for you without being inhouse really has allowed us to grow our business.

Clean Creations

One of the main things that we struggled with was taking all the orders that were coming into our website, and converting them to a spreadsheet to let our culinary team know what they had to prepare. It was a manual process, and took a tremendous amount of time. It was a total fiasco; it really was. Looking back on it now, I can’t even wrap my head around the fact that I did that for so long.

Island Fresh

The product team has stepped up to the plate. They have literally improved every single thing that we have sent back. They improved the entire process from start to finish.